Broughton Choir St John Baptist Parish Church


Challenges and Opportunities

From Probationer to Head Chorister
Each boy accepted as a Probationer follows a carefully graded course of musical training based on a Chorister Training Scheme initially developed by the Royal School of Church Music.
After approximately six months as a Probationer, our young Choristers suddenly become involved in the challenging routine of life as Chorister, offering as it does:

... the opportunity to make new friends - to meet other boys and people of all ages outside the school environment, and enjoy the enthusiasm generated by the music on tours in UK and overseas, as well as on all the outings and at fun events which take place throughout the year.

… the opportunity for further promotion to Junior and Senior Singing Boys (denoted by light blue and dark blue ribbons) and finally to Full Chorister, when a red ribbon is awarded.

… the chance to become a Team Leader and possibly even a Head Chorister.
The organisation of the boys' section is very much the responsibility, under the direction of the Choirmaster and Assistant Organist, of the Head Choristers and Team Leaders.

… the challenge of competing for a place in the list of 'Top Twenty Choristers' each month,
or for nomination as 'The Chorister of the Month' (Green Ribbon Boy), or even trying for the
top National Award for Boy Choristers, and being permitted to wear the splendid
St Nicholas Medallion.

Music notes