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Diary Dates


Sunday Services and Practices 19th July - 18th August
These will be at the usual times throughout the period except on:

Sundays 22nd & 29th  July,  5th & 12th  August, when there will be no Choir at the Services.
On Wednesday 18th July the Choir Practice will be for the France Choir only
(Boys 7.00 - 8.30, Gentlemen 7.30 - 8.30).

On Wednesdays 25th July, 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd August there will be no practices.

Choir Services resume on Sunday 19th August
Practices resume on Wednesday 29th August

Monday 23rd July
Choir Summer break commences (except for France Choir. See above)

Sunday 19th August
Choir Services resume

Wednesday 29th August
Choir Practices resume

Wednesday 12th September
Choir Concert in the Parish Church at 7.00 pm.

Saturday 29th September
Trip to Blackpool for Secondary School Boys, second year and up to sixth form. Pleasure Beach and Fish & Chip 'Tea'. Letter soon to boys eligible. Please observe deadline dates; passes need to be booked,  meals ordered and train tickets booked.

... and Christmas bookings to date!

Friday 14th December Carol Singing Evening
Broughton Club etc

Saturday 15th December
Carol Singing Sainsbury’s.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 17th, 19th and 20th December
Carol Concerts, Parish Hall

Sunday 23rd December
Carol Service Parish Church

Tuesday 25th December
Christmas Day Eucharist 10.00 am

... and even further ahead!


Friday 11th January
Choir Hot Pot Supper and Awards Evening

Friday 12th - Thursday  18th April
Isle of Man Holiday Course

... and finally, a note to Parents

We  have a superb group of boys in the stalls  at the present time,
but we are always on the look out for the top singers of the future

If you feel your son benefits from membership of Broughton Choir, do make sure you tell other parents about this quite unique group of young people, and the opportunities both musical and social on offer. Copies of the DVD 'Broughton Choir' are available to give to parents of prospective Choristers. Just ask!

Auditions will once again be taking place in the Autumn Term. Previous musical experience is not required. We are looking for enthusiastic boys, with a good level of a voice.
Boys usually take up places in the Choir between the ages of 7 and 11, but those approaching 7, who show promise, are very welcome to come along to audition ……as are older boys, who for one reason or another have missed out on applying for a place.

We want to continue to have the very best boys in our stalls!

With very best wishes for the Summer

And looking  ahead:

Dates of France Tour
Saturday 21st - Sunday 29th July (very early this year!)

Friday 14th December Carol Singing Evening

Broughton Club  etc

Saturday 15th December
Carol Singing Sainsbury’s.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 17th, 19th, 20th December
Carol Concerts, Parish Hall

Sunday 23rd December
Carol Service Parish Church

Tuesday 25th December
Christmas Day Eucharist 10.00 am

.... and a few bits and pieces

As always at this time of year, we will soon be ready to welcome new Probationers
… and as always, we need to ensure that parents of prospective boys are made aware of the fact that right on their doorstep, there is a Choir which is acknowledged as being one of the leading Parish Church Choirs in the country.

Please come along, to see the choir in action on a Sunday or Wednesday which is an important first step. You will be surprised just how very little is known about Broughton Choir in the locality!

Service Sheets
The  monthly Service Sheet, which in addition to lists of hymns and psalms, also includes details of Evensong Anthems and Service Settings, is e mailed to all Parents, Choristers and Friends of the Choir. The Boys, particularly those on the chairs, find it very useful to have a copy to put in their hymn books.

Name Tapes
Please put these on sweat shirts, ties, ruffs, surplices and cassocks. This saves so much time when items go missing –  as they occasionally do!!

Absence Slips
Thank you for continuing to return these after absences. Could I please ask, however,  that if an absence is foreseen, the slip (or e mail message) comes in beforehand whenever possible.  This helps so much with regard to distribution of music, and other preparations for Services and practices.

Absence Slips can of course  be downloaded from the splendid Choir Website ( which Mrs Sandra Buckland kindly looks after for us.

... and  finally, don't  forget

that the splendidly produced monthly  magazine 'Broughton Outlook'  will keep you up to date with Parish 'happenings', and regularly includes amongst its features, Choir news and Photographs.
Copies can be purchased at the back of Church or you can have them delivered to your home.

With very best wishes
John Catterall

Music notes