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Isle of Man Tour

2017 IOM Tour Dates and Venues
Saturday 8th  April: St Thomas Douglas - 8.00pm Evensong
Sunday 9th April: St Thomas Douglas - 11.00am Eucharist
Sunday 9th April: St Paul Ramsey - 6.30pm Evensong
Monday 10th April: Kirk Malew - 8:00pm Evensong
Tuesday 11th April: All Saints Douglas - 8.00pm Eucharist
Wednesday 12th April: St Matthew Douglas - 8.00pm Evensong

2017 IOM Tour Blog
Chorister's Blog

Why the Isle of Man?
An advert placed in the Church Music Quarterly by Laurie Davies, the Organist at
St Thomas' Church for many years, inviting Choirs to come and sing in the Isle of Man,
looked very attractive and Broughton Church decided to take up the offer. The rest, as
they say, is history, and for over forty years, wherever they have sung, the boys
have received a wonderful welcome, and it has to be said, much to their delight, often
feasted right royally! And how they have enjoyed the numerous attractions on offer on
the Island! Where else so close to their home in the North West of England is it
possible for them to enjoy such magnificent scenery, to visit so many fascinating
historical buildings, to travel on wonderful heritage railways, and of course to have so
much fun on the splendid beaches.

A Week with a Purpose
Over the years, the aims of the Holiday Course, namely to help the boys improve their
skills as Choristers and to give them a well deserved holiday, have remained
unchanged, and with a concentrated timetable which sees the boys practising some
three hours each day in preparation for the Evening Service, and which still leaves
plenty of time for off-duty fun, it would seem that the well-tried formula is a good one.

... it all started with a one off trip!
Many years have passed since that first party of 24 boys boarded the Manx Maid at
the old Liverpool Landing Stage on Friday 13th 1973. Believe it or not, it was intended
to be a one-off trip. And here we are forty years later and the tradition lives on!

Just Two Interesting Facts!
On the First Holiday Course:
The hotel bill for the whole party, twenty four boys and five members of staff,
was £392.70p!
The Steam Packet Ticket for everyone cost £76!
Those were the days!

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