Broughton Choir St John Baptist Parish Church



You can now view your choir pictures online ...
ask Mr Catterall or Mr Wilson for Log in Details.

choir images online
choir images online choir images online
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Northern Cathedral Singers

Events, music and directions. More

Absence Slips
If you are unable to attend a service or practice please fill out the absence slip form and hand in to
the Choirmaster or your Team Leader to ensure standards are maintained. .

Choir Shop
Broughton Choir Robe Carriers are available, price £4.00.
All enquiries regarding sweat shirts and ties to Mrs G.
We have a second hand scheme for sweat shirts - see notice board. (Be eco-friendly!)
Choir ties (available only to red ribbon boys and adult singers).

Name Tapes
Please put these on sweat shirts, ties, ruffs, surplices and cassocks.
This saves so much time when items go missing!

Presents for Special Occasions
Choir CDs could solve your problem! More

… and finally, remember
‘The Broughton Outlook’
keeps you up to date with Choir and Parish happenings.
It can be delivered to your home or purchased each month at the back of Church.

Music notes