IOM 2022 – Daily Blog

The boat ride was very bumpy and had several boys sea sick, but we arrived in Douglas in high spirits nevertheless. Once having our rooms sorted we went for a walk along the promenade and then it was an early night after such a tiring day.

Breakfast was a hearty one and the boys thoroughly enjoyed the buffet service. Once the rooms were checked for any untidiness we were off to St Thomas’ for a practice. The afternoon event was a trip to Port Erin by steam train. We arrived there without any mishaps and played on the beach before returning home the same way we went. Evening meal was enjoyed and it was off to St Thomas’ for Evensong where the Head Chorister performed ‘O God, You Search Me And You Know Me’ with a reading from Maxwell and prayers from Angus and Toby. The day ended with the classic squash and biscuits as the boys retired to their rooms ahead of a busy Sunday.

The boys came down from a night’s rest and had some breakfast and then we were off to St. Thomas’ for the daily practice and morning Eucharist service. The congregation really enjoyed the service, and shared their thanks with Tobias, Max, and Harry afterwards. After a Sunday Lunch back at the hotel we were off to Laxey Wheel for a quick picture (see below) and then we carried the trip onto Ramsey where we went bowling. It started with an immaculate double strike from Mr Catterall, but one may say that was his prime… Mr Walmsley ended as the man of the day with a whopping score of 134! Shortly after the boys were happily consuming the famous Ramsey Tea. After sandwiches, pizza, and cake galore it was another practice for the service at St. Paul’s. The readings tonight were done by Deputy Head Chorister Michael Corrick-Pollard and Toby Wiehn, and the prayers were said by the Head Boy and James Corrick-Pollard. Following the trip back to Douglas on the foggy mountain road, the boys were definitely ready for their squash and biscuits before bed!

Bacon and such as the boys woke up and it was once again room check and off to St. Thomas’ for morning practice. James Ridings was the first to try out a solo in the practice, and many of the other boys followed! There were no services for the boys as it was their “rest day”. We had Pizza Hut for lunch and it was time for some raftbuilding and canoeing. After the raft had floated for quite a while it was deemed “solid” by the instructor and the boys turned to quite the heroes during canoeing as Deputy Head Michael jumped into the water to help a citizen with their lost scooter. Unfortunately for him and Team Leader Maxwell Keskin the canoe capsized and they had to swim back to shore. Angus Walsh and the Head Chorister, meanwhile, were the first to successfully sail back to the cabin. We were back in the hotel for evening meal and then we were playing games throughout the evening. Harry and Toby won the bingo games, and the junior boys (Angus, James, Tobias, and Toby) beat the seniors at ‘guess the picture’. We’re looking forward to more excitement tomorrow!

More hearty breakfast was had and we were zooming down to St. Thomas’ for the regular morning practice. Today KFC was on the table for lunch today. After polishing it all off the boys went down to Ballasalla to practise the service. The day’s activity for Tuesday was going to Castle Rushen and the boys watched the castle come to life with several wax figures and SFX. The service at Malew went smoothly with a reading from Team Leaders Maxwell Keskin and James Ridings, prayers from Tobias Calvey and Michael Corrick-Pollard, and a solo from Maxwell again. The boys then had some chit-chat with the members of the parish and came home to sleep at the hotel.

The boys rose to the smell of fried food and filled up on the usual hash browns and sausages. The practice at St. Thomas’ came and went and it was time for some fish and chips. Today we were singing in St. Matthew’s for Evensong so the boys practised the order of service and it was finally time for the baths. We spent an hour and a half in the National Sports Centre going down flumes and in Jacuzzis all afternoon. We headed back to the hotel for evening meal and sung Evensong for the people of Douglas as lessons were read by Tobias Calvey and James Corrick-Pollard and prayers were led by Team Leaders Maxwell Keskin and James Ridings. A solo was performed by Head Chorister Harry Jones and after the service there were biscuits and squash in the lounge. We have had a great week! All that’s left to do now is keep our fingers crossed for a smooth sailing tomorrow.